Best of Men’s Watch Brands

Watches are probably the best part of men’s fashion in today’s world. A nice suit, shade glasses, matching tie, classic shoes and elegant hairstyle combined with a stylish brand wrist watch will definitely attract all the eyes in the room.

Considering the high demand for men’s watches, in this article I have listed Best of Men’s Watch Brands, for your entertainment and of course if you decide to buy one for yourself, you would know which famous brands to look for.

Prepare yourself for a challenging pronunciation test since all the watch brands listed below are Swiss companies, meaning they will have French, Italian or German words in them.

These watches are not there only to tell you the time. If you are a man of classic style and fashion, here are the most popular brands of watches for you to wear, without a remark on preference.



Founder: Carlo Crocco (Italian)

Founded: 1980

Headquarters: Nyon, Switzerland

CEO: Ricardo Guadalupe (2012 – Present)

Category: Watches

Designs: Fusion, Skeleton, Prix, Laferrari, Exotic, Gemstone


Pronounced Yblo, Hublot was founded by Carlo Crocco in 1980 when he decided to leave the Italian company of Binda group, best known for Breil watches, and move to Switzerland. In there, he started MDM Geneve and named his own design “Hublot”, from the French word “Porthole”.

His design introduced the rubber strap for the first time in watch history, that took three years to make. Despite getting ignored by the people and watch companies after its announcement, it picked up the sales pace and made over 2 million dollars the first year.

The company is a subsidiary of France’s Louise Vuitton Moet Henessy (LVMH), but in spite of that, Hublot has 80 boutiques all over the world and has made over 300 million dollars in revenue. 200 people are working for it as of today.



Founder: Jehan-Jackques Blancpain

Founded: 1735

Headquarters: Paudex, Switzerland

CEO: Mark Hayek

Category: Watches

Designs: Villere, Skeleton, Tourbillon, Exotic


Blancpain is a subsidiary of Swiss Swatch Group since 1992, famous for manufacturing skeleton (mechanical) watches and regarded as top-tier Swatch brand. Founded in 1735, this brand is the oldest in watchmaking industry.

This brand is famous for producing diver’s watch known as fifty fathoms, alongside with the classic design of villeret and one of the first mechanical watches; 1735’s Grande Complication, which included a tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar and split chrono.

Celebrities and politicians all around the world, such as Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt and Vladimir Putin, have been spotted to be wearing one of these brand watches.


Patek Philippe

Founder: Antoni Patek, Adrien Philippe and Franciszek Czapek

Founded: 1839

Headquarters: Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

CEO: Claude Peny

Category: Watches and Clocks

Designs: Iced-out, Nautilus, Calatrava, Tourbillon, Skeleton


The Grandmaster Chime

Patek Philippe SA is one of the oldest and most stable watchmaking brands in the world. It produces great designs of complicated mechanical watches. In 2001, the company opened its first museum in Geneva. Patek Philippe hold over 400 retails and distribution centers across all continents.

This brand manufactures the most expensive watches in the world, and as 2019, among the 10 most expensive watches sold, 7 was from Patek Philippe, including the 31.2 million dollars Grandmaster Chime watch, making it the most expensive watch ever sold at an auction.

It was Patek Philippe who popularized the concept of complications in wrist watch and pocket watches, ever so that its Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch is known as the most complicated (until 1989) and most expensive of its kind, at 24 million dollars.

Henry Graves Supercomplication



Founder: Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis

Founded: 1915 in United Kingdom

Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

CEO: Jean-Frederic Dufour

Category: Watches

Designs: Precious Metals, Diamond, Submariner, Daytona


Switzerland is known for its watches, and it is not surprising that Rolex SA is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer as well. Originally it was founded in the UK, but after world war one the company moved its headquarters to Geneva in order to avoid heavy taxation from a war-torn government.

Rolex and its subsidiary, Montres Tudor are probably the world’s most popular brands in wristwatches. As of 2016, the company surpassed 4.6 billion dollars in gross profit.

The 2019 auction of most expensive watches included 3 rolex ones, which one of them gained the title of second most expensive watch ever sold.

Unlike its other Swiss competitors, Rolex uses stainless steel in its product exterior, which after polishing is left lustrous. Many illegal companies produce counterfeit watches under Rolex’s name because of its high demand, which are easily identifiable by jewelers and watchmakers.


Vacheron Constantin

Founder: Jean-Marc Vacheron

Founded: 1755, 1819 (Vacheron and Constantin)

Headquarters: Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

CEO: Louis Ferla

Category: Watches and Clocks

Designs: Overseas, Tourbillon, Square, Skeleton, Precious Metals


Vacheron Constantin is one of the oldest and most prestigious watch brands in the world.

Over the years, significant owners of this brand’s products are Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Pius, the Wright Brothers, William James, Napoleon Bonaparte, Princess Diana, Harry Truman and current president of the United States; Donald Trump.

The title of most complicated pocket watch of all time goes to the “Reference 57260” design of this company, with 57 horological complications, introduced in 2015. This brand goes by the slogan of “Do better if possible, and that is always possible”.

Vacheron Constantin was heavily affected by the Quartz crisis between 1970s and 1980s.

After its owner passed away, the brand was bought by former oil minister of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Yamani, but later in 1996, the Richemont group purchased all of its shares, and now it works as the group’s subsidiary.


Ulysse Nardin

Founder: Ulysse Nardin

Founded: 1846

Headquarters: Le Locle, Switzerland

CEO: Patrick Pruniaux

Category: Watches, Writing instrument and Marine accessories

Designs: Marine Chronometer, Freak, Genghis Khan, Skeleton



Apart from watchmaking, this brand is known for manufacturing marine chronometers. The device is used for determining a fixed location on earth, and was drastically applied in the age of colonialism. Ulysse Nardin has won numerous awards and medals at international exhibitions.

This brand is a subsidiary of the French Kering Group. Its amazing watch designs have been worn by famous figures such as Micheal Jordan, Mohammad Salah, Larry King and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. It is also the official sponsor of Monaco and Miami yacht shows.

Ulysse Nardin introduced its Freak wristwatches in 2001. It has no true dial, crown or hands. With silicon escapement components, it rotates on itself. Freak later won the “Watch of the Year” award in the innovation category.


Audemars Piguet

Founder: Jules-Louis Audemars Piguet

Founded: 1875

Headquarters: Le Brassus, Switzerland

CEO: Francois-Henry Bennahmias

Category: Watches

Designs: Carbon, Royal oak, Skeleton, Millenary, Iced out


This brand rose to fame after introducing the royal oak design in 1972, and had remarkable achievements such as creating the world’s first minute-repeater movement in wristwatches.

It is a family-owned and one of the biggest companies in the world, owning a revenue of over 1 billion dollars as of 2018.

Renaud & Papi SA and Centror SA are this brand’s subsidiaries. In 2012, Audemars Piguet introduced its slogan, which goes by: To break the rules, you must first master them.

Celebrities are seen wearing one of the brand’s products, such as: Lebron James, Lionel Messi, Sachin Tendulkar, Serena Williams, Tom Cruise, Kevin Hart and Harry Styles.


Jaeger LeCoultre

Founder: Antoine LeCoultre

Founded: 1833

Headquarters: Le Santier, Vaud, Switzerland

CEO: Catherine Rénier

Category: Watches and clocks

Designs: Memovox, Reverso, Duometre, Atmos, Gyrotourbillon


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a Swiss luxury watches manufacturing company that is the biggest subsidiary of French Richemont.

This brand owns hundreds of patents and inventions in its name, including the world’s smallest movement, one of the most complicated wristwatches and a timepiece of automatic movement.

In jewelry and watchmaking industry, concepts such as non-transparent mining of gold and other raw materials, soil degradation, deforestation and pollution are always being monitored by environmental organizations.

In October 2011, this brand obtained a certificate in commitment of human rights and environmental ethics.

Notable owners of Jaeger LeCoultre watches include people like: Charlie Chaplin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Kit Harrington, Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II.

UNESCO and Venice Film Festival are two of the many partners and sponsors of this company.



Founder: Louise Brandt

Founded: 1848

Headquarters: Bienne, Switzerland

President: Raynald Aeschlimann

Category: Watches

Designs: Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, De Ville


This company was formerly known as Le Generale Watch Co., but after 1903 it was changed to Omega Watch and Co., which in 1982 changed to Omega SA. This brand is also a subsidiary of Swiss Swatch Group.

Buzz Aldrin was wearing one of this brand’s watches when he first went on the moon in 1969, making it the first watch on the moon. James Bond has been wearing these watches since its debut in 1995. Omega watches are official timepieces of the Olympic games.

Other famous owners are John F. Kennedy, Mao Zedong, Elvis Presley, Prince William and George Clooney. The watch that Elvis Presley wore was sold in auction at 1.8 million dollars, and the stainless steel tourbillon 301 at 1.43 million dollars.

Omega goes by the slogan “Omega – Exact Time for Life”.


TAG Heuer

Founder: Edouard Heuer

Founded: 1860

Headquarters: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

CEO: Stéphane Bianchi

Category: Watches, Accessories, Eyewear and Mobile phones

Designs: Formula 1, Carrera, Monaco, Aquaracer, Autavia


Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG) Heuer is a Swiss luxury watchmaker and a subsidiary of the French LVMH. It goes by the slogan: Don’t crack under pressure.

TAG Heuer is in partnership with Summer Olympic games, Formula 1’s McLaren and major football leagues such as the Premier league.

In 2007, this brand’s Monaco Calibre 360 LS was awarded from among 2200 timepieces of 35 countries, in product design category by the International Forum Design held in Germany.

The company also advertises men’s accessories such as wallets, bags, belts, jackets, bracelets and cuff links.

Significant popular owners of this brand are: Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth, Tiger Woods, Jeff Gordon, Maria Sharapova, Priyanka Chopra, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Cameron Diaz and Uma Thurman.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Piaget SA
  • A. Lange & Sohne
  • Girard – Perregaux
  • Richard Mille
  • Roger Dubuis
  • F. P. Journe
  • Graff
  • Breguet
  • Jacob and Co.
  • Chopard
  • Jaquet Droz
  • Tissot


Final Words:

Thank you everyone for reading yet another article about Best of Men’s Watch Brands. I hope you enjoyed every bit until the end, just like I did. Watches are the must have accessory for fashion, especially for men, and as a man myself, I can confirm it.

Safe to say that these 10 brands that I have listed, and the honorable mentions, are the most famous in watchmaking, thus there is and will be counterfeit products of them, since the real thing can be super expensive. If you love genuine timepieces, buy original.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors!




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  1. Simply stunning, I do agree a watch is an integral part of men’s fashion today. The Vacheron Constantin is so beautiful! Love that you paired the significant owners of these watches in this post. Thanks for the great read!

  2. One would think that Rolex is the best way to go, but I like Vacheron Constantin and Omega more. I like their simplicity more than flashy Rolexes. Those two are classy. Thanks for sharing your list of best watches for men. I appreciate it.

  3. What a fine list of timepieces. I admire all of them. And it is true. A watch truly completes the full set of menswear. I know that when I admire another guy’s ensemble, the watch will always be one of the things that catches my eye.

    I have pinned a few of these lovely images on my Pinterest Board featuring luxury products. I hope my followers will drop by your page soon.

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