Types of Gold in Jewelry

“Types of gold in jewelry? What do you mean there are types of gold? Gold has no types”

Yeah that is correct, gold comes in many types. If you have ever gone to a jewelry store to buy a gold ring or bracelet, the jeweler may have suggested that what type of gold you are looking for?

Are you fancying a 10K gold? Perhaps a 14K or maybe even 18K. What color do you want your golden ring to be? Yellow gold, white gold or rose gold? If you are looking for a cheaper option we could just plate your ring, perhaps a vermeil would do just fine. How about filling?…

These are some questions a talented jeweler may ask you, while showing you the store collection of gold rings or bracelets. Here are your options to choose from in a more sophisticated way:

  • Who are you buying for?
  • Why are you buying it?
  • Golden Jewelry type
  • Gold Color
  • Gold Karat
  • Gold Coating
  • Gemstone Engraving

Jewelry shopping can be fun, and it should be. Knowing what type of jewelry you are looking for beforehand will save you some time, since jewelers tend to ask you lots of mind-boggling questions or try to sway you to a more expensive department (diamonds).

However, if you are looking to explore the store and add to your knowledge, by all means fire them questions away!


Who are you buying for?

Before you get up and go jewelry shopping, you may have already decided who are you going to buy the jewelry for. Maybe you are looking for a quality ring with which you are going to propose to your girlfriend.

Maybe you could just be looking for a valuable gift for your mother, father, sister, brother or a close friend, because you know jewelries are great gift options. You believe the gift will always remind you to the person whenever they wear it or look at it.

Depending upon the person, jewelry type varies. From gender to age and personal taste of the gifted, you need to consider everything and discuss them with the jeweler, so that he may help you find the perfect piece.


Are you looking for men’s jewelry or women’s? Do you want to buy a bracelet for your girlfriend or a ring for your father? Is it a man you are going to propose or a woman?

Gender plays an important role in jewelry. There is indeed a bigger collection for women than men in all categories, except for the ring. Rings are gaining more and more popularity among men, and those are mostly exotic rings.

Gold, silver and platinum are metals of choice in almost all the cases of jewelry shopping for women. Exotic metals such as titanium, tungsten, cobalt, stainless steel and carbon fiber are the ones men are most interested nowadays.


Jewelry is available for all ages. If it is an infant, a young kid, a teenager, an adult, a mature person or an old person, there are jewelry sets particular for every age.

You may want to buy charms and trinkets made of gold or silver for your newborn baby, or not. Most people don’t since the infants cannot differentiate between edibles and non-edibles.

In eastern culture, some people prefer golden amulets and talismans engraved in holy writings. Others may decorate their children in jewelry designed to deflect “evil eye”.

Have a tour to the beautiful city of Istanbul, you will find the “evil eye” warding glass and metal ornaments all over the city.

Evil eye defletor - Nazar

Teenagers and some adults prefer emo jewelry. Mature men seek dexterous rings and women crave the expensive objects. Older people go for engraved jewelry with gemstones such as ruby, topaz and turquoise.

Personal Taste

A gentle reminder: Whoever you are buying the gift to, always remember their personal taste. Just like the various types of jewelry, different people have different tastes, and this is without considering age or gender.

Some like gold, some silver and some exotic metals. Your mother may like necklaces, mine prefers bracelets, and so on.

Personal preference is important, and unless you might want to surprise the person and don’t want to ruin it by asking his/her taste in jewelry, you would want to keep that in mind.

dexterous ring


Why are you buying it?

Another thing to consider before proceeding to buy jewelry is on what occasion are you doing it. Is it valentine’s day? Your engagement or wedding anniversary? Mother’s day? Father’s day? Or is there no occasion and you just plan to gift to someone.

According to the event, there are certain types of jewelry you want to get. For example in mother’s day you would like a necklace with the word “mother” engraved on it, or in your anniversary or valentine’s day you would want something romantic.

Wedding and engagement proposals have their own type: A nice golden ring with either one big piece or little pieces of diamond engraved on it. No one proposes with a silver bracelet, or a platinum necklace. Rings are tradition.

If there are no special occasions, and you simply want to gift someone, then please by all means purchase something meaningful. But remember to consider the previous factors.

Price of the jewelry won’t be of much attention here, but you always need to remember this: Jewelry do not have any kind of value in themselves except for money, it should be you who can put particular sentimental value in them.


Golden Jewelry Type

If you are out there looking for jewelry to buy under certain circumstances, you will most likely end up buying gold, because you don’t want to be seen as cheap. But if you don’t own that kind of money, there are still ways for you to buy gold and not get embarrassed, which we will discuss later.

Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants all may seem meaningless ornaments, but each of them carry certain purposes under certain situations.


The most common jewelry ornament in romantic circumstances, rings provide a sense of belonging, that is why two people who want to become a couple propose to each other with a ring.

Rings also bestow a sense of authority upon certain people. These people are mostly political leaders, religious leaders like the pope, heads of families and class representatives.

In the field of academics, some people go through a great deal of time and effort researching their doctoral degree and as a token of achievement, are given doctoral rings.


Bracelets are the kind of jewelry used in remembering friendship between two or a group of friends. Friendship bracelets are common among sorority girls. You can also give bracelets in the form of gifts, or use them in adorning yourself.


Earrings are one of the most worn jewelry ornaments among women. Just like bracelets, you can either give them as a gift or use them in your fashion if you are a woman. Although you may see some men wearing clip-on earrings as well.

Necklaces and Pendants

Rings, necklaces and pendants may carry specific personal values to the owner. Some of them such as lockets, hold memories of childhood or loved ones inside.

Besides fashion, gift and personal attachments, necklaces are a good option if you want to convert huge amounts of cash to jewelry, since they are the biggest ornamental piece.

You may have seen rich people in the movies buying huge diamond necklaces for their wives girlfriends regarding this scenario.


Gold Color

As of now there are four types of gold according to color:

  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Green Gold

I am a huge fan of metals and jewelry, but not even I knew about rose and green colored gold, plus I thought white gold was platinum.

Yellow gold is the most well-known color, and perhaps the most sold piece of metal. Upon mixing pure gold with silver, copper or zinc you get yellow gold. It does not require much maintenance like the other ones and is the most skin-friendly.

White gold is often mistaken for platinum, when it is actually a mixture of gold and platinum/palladium. Considering the cost of platinum and yellow gold, white gold is much more affordable and scratch-resistant. It is also popularly used in wedding and engagement rings.

Rose gold is a mixture of gold, silver and copper. Its color comes from a higher concentration of copper in it, and since copper is cheap, rose gold is the most affordable.

The natural electrum (a natural alloy of gold and silver) is sometimes mixed with pure gold or silver and forms green gold. It is the least common color.

What color of gold you are going to buy is totally subjective. You can go for the more common color which is yellow, or a rarer one like rose or green. Whatever you choose, make sure it is really gold before leaving the store, because other cheaper metals can also be mistaken for it.


Gold Karat

If you are smart and know your jewelry, the first thing you will notice in golden rings, necklaces and bangles is the karat of it. Simply, gold karat indicates the percentage of pure gold present in that piece of jewelry. There are four categories of it:

10 Karat Gold (417)

A golden piece of jewelry marked 10K has the least percentage of pure gold in it (41%). Anything below this amount is not considered golden ornament. Good news is that 10K gold is the most affordable kind.

14 Karat Gold (585)

With a quantity of 58.5% pure gold, 14K gold is probably the most ideal piece of metal for jewelry. The rest of it are alloys of copper and silver. Anywhere in the world you go to buy gold, 14K is the most common type you will find.

18 Karat Gold (750)

This type of gold is 75% pure and 25% alloyed with other metals. 18K is also considered ideal for jewelry, but since gold is a ductile metal, the more you add it the more malleable the piece of ornament becomes. 18K also tends to be much more expensive.

24 Karat Gold (999)

You won’t find a piece of gold jewelry that is marked 24K or 999. This type is 100% pure gold and for the reasons of cost and softness, jewelers do not use it to make ornaments. The only place 100% pure gold is seen, is in the gold reserves as gold bricks.


Gold Coating

This is what I was talking about when I said: There are still ways for you to buy gold at lower prices and avoid the embarrassment of picking less expensive metals.

Gold coated jewelry makes people think it is all gold, but beneath that sheath it is actually silver, nickel, stainless steel or copper. The most common example of gold coating is the gold medal in Olympics. It is a silver medal plated with gold for the most part.

Gold plated jewelry always have a mark indicating the feature and must be of at least 10K gold. You will see the mark “10K GP” somewhere in the ornament, because if it is gold coated and there is no mark, then the producer is doing illegitimate business.

Gold leaf is another type of coating, used to cover decorative arts. The gold metal will be hammered to a 7 millionth of an inch and must be of 22K or 24K for it to be considered leaf.

Filling is also there for you to choose from. Gold filling does not actually mean that it is filled with gold, rather another method of coating designed for people with sensitive skin.

The last form of gold coating is known as vermeil, which is actually gold covered silver. The difference between vermeil and other gold-plated silver jewelry is that the coating is thicker in vermeil.

You can sometimes find the “925” mark on a piece of golden jewelry, indicating that it is indeed gold vermeil.


Gemstone Engraving

Gemstones are an important feature of any jewelry. Excluding some engagement rings, almost all the golden jewelry types come with a gemstone inside, and usually they are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Cut, Carat and Carving are the attributes of gemstones that you need to keep in mind. If you go shopping for gemstone based jewelry, you are probably doing it because it is either for a proposal, engagement, wedding or anniversary.

Diamond-based jewelry are usually the most expensive ones. Depending upon the three factors mentioned above, the price for a single carat of diamond can range from 2500$ to 15000$. But of course, we will discuss diamonds in detail in future articles.

gemstone engraving


Final words:

Thanks a lot everyone for reading this post. Gold shopping is a great way of entertainment and of course increasing your knowledge about Types of of Gold in Jewelry. If you decide to buy one, make sure you know the key points of it before anything else.

Only because they are super expensive and you don’t want to waste that kind of money.

I wish you good fortune in your future endeavors!





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