Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men

It is February and you know well what comes in this month right? Valentine’s Day. A curse for all the single people who have tried all year and haven’t succeeded, seeing all the happy couples out there hanging out, hugging, laughing and kissing; not a great sight.

Well for some couples, it is not a great day either. Lately Valentine’s day has become something of a show off. Those men who don’t like to display romantic gestures in public, it can be one hell of a task.

Not that we don’t love our partners, but some men like myself are irritated by the idea of celebrating Valentine’s in public. In my opinion, romance should be kept private most of the time, but expressing it in public wouldn’t hurt once in a while.

It can also be expensive, but it doesn’t have to. There are so many Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men that do not have to be expensive, and yet be something of value that your girlfriend/fiancee/wife would love. In this post we are going to discover them together.

The most important thing you can do on Valentine’s day, or frankly any other day, is to spend some time together with your partner. Time is the greatest gift anyone has, because you cannot buy it, you can only spend it, and spending it on the people you love shows that you care for them.

Money comes after time. If you have some money, don’t hold back on this day. Buy the piece of jewelry your wife has had her eyes for months, take her to a romantic dinner outside, or rather have a romantic evening at home.

Go to the movies and watch her favorite, watch a sport’s game, visit your in-laws with her, have a family picnic, simply do whatever she loves.

I have thought of all the amazing gift ideas and things you can do on Valentine’s day, and divided them into three main categories, they are:

  • Gifts to Buy
  • Things to Do
  • Places to Go

You can do any one of those, or you can mix them up, It is totally up to the personal preferences. In the end, the only thing that matters is the two of you, so don’t take things too hard on yourself.

If you don’t have the time or the money, it is better to have a heart-to-heart talk with your other half, and kindly explain yourself. I am sure she will understand. If she doesn’t, well then there might be other problems you need to solve.


Gifts to Buy

The most common thing to do on this date, is to buy gifts for your beloved. A gift can be anything and of any price, and it would be an advantage if you knew what kind of stuff your partner craves.

Does she want fresh red roses? A basket of all her favorite chocolates? A cute puppy or kitten like the one your next door neighbor owns? A Lamborghini Aventador 2020? You know her better than anyone. Even if you don’t know, you could always ask. Although, she would most likely want to have that Lamborghini…

Nevertheless, here is a list of gift options. If you don’t know what to buy, and you want to surprise her or appear a romantic lad, you need to have a look below:


If you are an old school romantic, the first thing that comes to your mind to buy for your wife or girlfriend, are flowers, red roses to be exact. If you want to express your love on this day, you should buy her flowers, it is like a rule or a tradition.

Wait a minute! There is a downside. Even though flowers are ideal for a gift, they are delicate and will fade in a matter of days. They are only good for the moment. Another downside to flowers is that girls and women these days hate cliches, but if yours like them you should go for it.


Have you noticed how crazy these girls get over chocolates? It is the same with coffee, and I will tell you why. It is because chocolates release dopamine in our brains, a stress-relieving chemical known as “Happy Hormone”. It affects a woman’s brain more than a man’s.

So chocolates are slowly replacing flowers. If your girl is a chocolate freak and cannot live without having nutella at breakfast and coffee in the evening, you can pack a box of her favorites, decorate it and present it to her. Good thing is that chocolates are more affordable than flowers.


Jewelry is probably the best gift option for you men to buy for your loved one, only if you have some dollars in your pocket. Yes, they are expensive, a decent piece of jewelry ranges from 300 dollar minimum, and there is no telling how expensive they can get.

Almost all women love them, some gold, some silver, some diamonds and some all. There are some specific Valentine’s Day special pieces of jewelry if you are curious, but you need to purchase one beforehand because the stores will double their prices as the date approaches.

You can order a pair of rings that have your names engraved on them, a pair of necklaces of “His Queen” and “Her King”, or you could just buy one and have it made specific for her.

Women love personalized jewelry, because first it is jewelry, and second it makes her feel special and valued. The best thing about it is that it will remain the same for as long as she keeps it.

Anything else of Value

If you find the above three boring and cliche, and want to buy something of significant worth for her, then go for it. You know your partner better than anyone, think about the kinds of gifts that are of value only for her.

Is it a piece of clothing, the key to your own apartment or house, a laptop, a car, an antique, a book? You know her the best. I simply mentioned flowers, chocolates and jewelry because those are the ideal types of gifts given on Valentine’s day


Things to Do

There are so many things to do at home with your girlfriend or wife, but you need to do different things on this special day. Valentine’s is supposed to be romantic, so pick your activities accordingly, although any activity where both of you are happy to do can be romantic, even doing the laundry.

But laundry can wait some other day, because you are about to spend the most romantic day of the year with your beloved, and you want both of you to remember it in a special way. Here are some “Valentine’s Day special” activities for you.

Dinner Date at Home

What is better than coming home from work, ordering your favorite food and having a dinner date at the most comfortable place, with the most comfortable person? I know the feeling, it is amazing.

You could have an amazing conversation, remember some romantic memories, or to spice things even more, you could recreate the first or the most romantic date you had. It will be something worth remembering.

Cook Together

While the idea of ordering your favorite food may seem great, cooking together can be fun. If any of you know their cooking, you may end up having a great time and dinner. If neither of you can cook, seeing something burnt or uncooked might give you the laughs as well.

Craft Gifts

You can always make something for her, whether it is a knitting, pottery, mix tape, a love letter or an origami. Another thing to do is to write the best features of your partner. Couples love to just sit together and write down what they like about each other the most.

The idea behind this is not to embarrass yourself, rather craft something of personal value for your other half to remember you by.

Watch your Favorite Movies

After you have had or cooked dinner, you can go for a marathon of your favorite movies, while snuggling in bed and eating snacks. Typically, people go for romantic movies, but it doesn’t have to be that. Whatever you decide will do, as long as you are happy.


Places to Go

If you are not an introvert or an indoors person, there are so many places to go on Valentine’s Day. Cinemas, restaurants, amusement parks and touristic places will all be packed by couples and families like you.

However, you don’t really have to go to a public place, you can go anywhere you like. Here are some places and activities people do outside, on Valentine’s.


Most romantic movies and many others release on this date. You can check them out and book your seats, but you have to do this two or three days before the actual date, because the cinema will be packed.

Go to the movies, enjoy your popcorn, snacks, and most importantly your time together.


Do you or your girlfriend have a favorite restaurant? If yes then enter your names for seats hours before or you may have to wait for them. A romantic dinner date at a popular restaurant is the most ideal thing to do on Valentine’s.

Unmarried couples tend to propose, sometimes with a ring in a glass of drink, or in a cupcake. If you also want to propose to your girlfriend, then a restaurant is a good place to do it.

The Park

I am not really sure about parks, though I have seen some parks change their environmental theme according to Valentine’s, but mostly they are family places.

Maybe it differs according to the country. If there are amusement parks with Valentine’s theme in your city, then maybe you can check them out.

Travel Abroad

Traveling is not a bad option on Valentine’s. There are so many amazing cities around the world, which are just perfect for a romantic holiday. You could save some money, take some days off from work and head out with your spouse.

Here are some best places for travel on Valentine’s Day:

  • Paris, France
  • Verona, Italy
  • Maldives
  • Venice, Italy
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Canary Islands, Spain
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Hawaii

Canary Islands


Final Words:

I know this post is kind of off topic, after all my website is about jewelry. However, it is slightly related, in a way that jewelry is considered to be one of the best Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men.

Maybe in the future, I will be posting about what type of jewelry you should gift for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife on this day.

Best of Luck!


9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Men

  1. Hi Sull,

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I personally love to stay at home, I cook something special for my husband, we drink wine, we watch a movie and we tell each other how much we love each other, I know it’s way too romantic but that’s how we are and there’s nothing wrong about it, right? Haha

    I will ask him to read your article so he can have a clear idea of what I want this year for Valentines, he knows I love jewelry, but he still gets me gift cards ???

    Great article, I really enjoyed reading it!

  2. This is such a well thought out article. It is really nice to have a reason to spoil our partners, sometimes we get so caught up with the day to day that we forget to let each other know how important we still are. I have to confess my husband and I usually do absolutely nothing for Valentine’s day. This article is definitely an inspiration! I will be passing it along to him. Thanks for the great reminders.

  3. Hi!

    Great post! It is refreshing to see new ideas for Valentine’s day. It can be easy to get caught up in having the perfect moment for Valentine’s day that the present can sometimes slip by uncherished. These are all great ideas for V day. Let me tell you I would love if my boyfriend took me to Italy. But one can always dream! Haha, thanks for the post, very well written!

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